Industrial Raw Materials

Regional sourcing, global supply.

The bulk of Star Global’s Industrial Raw Materials trading business originates from the quarries, mines and factories of the United Arab Emirates and the neighbouring Oman.

Supported by the geographical advantage of being strategically located at Dubai, we source, store, combine and transport Limestone, Gypsum, Clinker and other related raw materials to our buyers in the steel and cement industries. Other industries we cater to are chemical, glass, paper, paint and lime calcining.

Our exclusive marketing arrangements with the quarries in the region gives us competitive edge in offering efficient and cost-effective solutions to our buyers.

We supply high quality Limestone for various industrial purposes including cement and steel production.

We also supply Dolomite [CaMg(CO3)2] to our Steel industry buyers which is used as a flux or sintering agent due to its higher MgO content.

Through our network of established sources, we are able to meet the specific needs of our industrial buyers as to particle size, chemical & physical properties and the end use.

We supply high purity Gypsum from the quarries in Sultanate of Oman to the cement manufacturers in the Indian sub-continent.

Our association with the cement manufacturers in UAE helps us deliver high quality Clinker to various cement grinding units in the Indian sub-continent.

Recycling GBFS to raw materials for slag cement and Portland cement solves solid industrial waste management problem for steel industry in the most environment friendly manner.

GBFS is recycled to be used as raw material for production of Portland cement, slag cement, slag powder and silicate fertilizer.

We have business associations with some of the leading integrated steel mills in Asia from who we source GBFS for supply to our cement industry buyers in the Indian sub-continent and the GCC region.

Pig Iron

Through our origination expertise, we strategically source the right quality of Merchant Pig Iron having geographical advantage from the producers in South America, CIS countries and India and deliver cost effective value proposition to our industrial buyers (steel mills and DI Pipe manufacturers) in the GCC region and South East Asia.

Sectors We Cater to

Today, We are now recognized as “First Class” steel supplier with the ability to competitively source products from the global market place.