Our specialization is in Ore Based Metallics.

Our Metallics team trades in value-added steelmaking raw materials which are used mainly to charge the Electric Arc Furnaces and Foundries.

Today we are the largest trader of DRI in the GCC region.

Through our exclusive marketing arrangement, we supply high quality Gas based DRI to our steel industry end buyers in the GCC region, Indian sub-continent and South East Asia, who benefit most from its superior & uniform quality with higher metallization properties.

We offer DRI with high Carbon and high Metallization in the following specification:

Chemical CompositionGuaranteed Values 
Fe (total)88.50 % min
Fe (metallic)82.60 % min
Metallization93.00 % min
Carbon1.70 % min
Al2O3+SiO2 5.90 % max
MgO +CaO 2.00 % max
Phosphorous0.07% max
Sulfur0.01% max
Physical PropertiesGuaranteed Value
Bulk Density1.6-1.9 T/M3
Size (16 – 5mm)0.95
Size Under 5mm 5% Max

Through our origination expertise, we strategically source the right quality of Merchant Pig Iron having geographical advantage from the producers in South America, CIS countries and India and deliver cost effective value proposition to our industrial buyers (steel mills and DI Pipe manufacturers) in the GCC region and South East Asia.

Apart from Basic Pig Iron (Fe 92%+ and C 3.5-4.5%), we specialize in supplying High Purity Pig Iron (nodular) with restricted chemistry (ultralow P, S, Cr & Ti contents, and low impurities & broken pieces) used in the manufacturing of Ductile Iron Castings/ Pipes.

Typical Pig Iron characteristics (% by weight)

Pig Iron TypeCSiMnSP
Basic 3.5 - 4.5 1.5 max1.0 max0.05 max0.08 - 0.15
Foundry 3.5 - 4.5 1.5 - 3.5 0.5 - 1.2 0.05 max0.08 - 0.15
High Purity/Nodular * 3.5 - 4.5 0.05 -1.5 0.05 max0.025 max0.05 max

We source HBI with high iron & low residual elements from leading producers in South America and CIS countries and supply to our steel industry buyers for producing high quality iron and steel products in a wide variety of furnaces, as a shipload or combining with other Metallics.

SubstancesTypical Values
Total Fe88.3 - 94.0%
Metallic Fe83.0 - 88.4%
Carbon0.5 - 1.6
Sulphur0.001 - 0.03%
Phosphorus0.005 - 0.09%
Gangue3.9 - 8.6%
Size(90 - 140) x (48 - 58) x (32 - 34) mm
Broken pieces5.0% max
Apparent Density5.0 t/m3 min
Bulk Density2.5 - 3.3 t/m3


We supply high quality Limestone for various industrial purposes including cement and steel production.

Our Role in Projects

Today, With our established International network and thorough knowledge of techno-commercials, we can communicate effectively & quickly with our suppliers & buyers and monitor project orders closely through to delivery readiness and shipment for our customers.