Standard and special grade billets and blooms.

Global supplier base, shipping & logistics expertise, coupled with pre-financing capabilities allow us to mobilize standard and special grade Billets/ Blooms through Containers and Bulk depending upon customer needs.

Billets & Blooms

Size Range90mm to 250mm in Square Section
Delivery ConditionsStandard and Customized lengths
Controlled Chemistry
StandardsASTM A 615 Grade 40 and 60
BS 4449 Grade 460/500
GOST 380-05 3SP/PS, 4SP/PS, 5SP/PS
SAE 1006, SAE 1008, SAE 1012, SWRY11
20 Mn Si
ApplicationsRolling of Sections (light and medium)
Rolling of Merchant Bars (Rebars, Wire Rods, Angles)

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