Our Unique Way of Being

Identifying customers’ needs and priorities early on.

The requests we deal with can cover anything from a simple range of products supplied as a total package either ex-mill or ex-stock, to a more comprehensive service that might consist of a combination of elements with single point contact management, expediting, specialist packaging, shipping, documentation, local “in-country” support and financing – as appropriate.

Likewise, there are many demands for other types of packages, which might include requirements for extra processing or value-added services with technical expertise and support or complex product and supply mixes, involving multiple sourcing from different locations and countries. The variations are infinite.

Our in-house logistics teams are experts in consolidating material from multiple sources, arranging multiple packaging and ensuring that goods arrive on time, in excellent conditions at the desired destinations. These teams regularly manage production, processing, quality assurance, inspection, documentary requirements and customs clearance formalities.

It is by combining our expertise and service innovatively and effectively, that we at Star Global can offer our customers a bespoke solution, whatever the sector, or project, wherever in the world.

Leadership Team

Our leadership is leading the way to achieve our strategic goals ensuring that we sail in line with our values, code of ethics and the risk appetite that we set. While each member of the team leads a specific role in the business, they also work collectively to help us achieve our vision and purpose.

Re-imagining the Business of Commodities

We are driving innovation across our business and investing in new technologies to drive efficiencies, meet the ever-growing demand sustainably, and position Star Global as a key participant for the future.