Data Privacy Governance

Essential element of public trust.

Star Global recognizes privacy as an important value, and as an essential element of public trust. We strive to be a trusted company and expect all our businesses associates to seek that same status. We expect each employee to implement responsible data privacy practice.

Star Global expects each employee to respect and implement each of the following data privacy principles that we have set in place:

  • We offer appropriate notice about our data privacy practices.
  • We honour data subjects’ choices about their personal data.
  • We recognize data subjects’ expectations about fair and ethical use of their personal data and the context in which their data were first collected.
  • We limit unnecessary personal data sharing with third parties.
  • We retain personal data only for as long as we need it as it is important to have a defined time period in place that is tied to the purposes for which the personal data have been collected, and which is proportionate.
  • We ensure appropriate security.
  • We engage with governments responsibly.

Many countries maintain strict data protection laws. All employees implementing these principles are expected to do so in accordance with applicable laws, in a manner consistent with our Legal Compliance Policy.


Our corporate culture is built on three pillars: achieving performance excellence by meritocracy, transparency in relationships and continually striving for higher productivity.


We operate with integrity to achieve our strategic goals ensuring that we sail in line with our values, code of ethics and the risk policies that we set. While each member of the team leads a specific role in the business, they also work collectively to help us achieve our vision and purpose.