Whistle Blower

Upholding rights to raise concerns without fear for retaliation.

The Company is committed and dedicated to creating and maintaining an open working environment where employees feel comfortable to raise concerns regarding actual or suspected unethical, unlawful or undesirable conduct.  Star Global supports eligible whistle-blowers so that they not only know how to express their concerns, but they feel encouraged and safe to do so.

We recognize that any genuine commitment to detecting and preventing illegal and other undesirable conduct must include an avenue where employees and others can report their concerns without fear for retaliations.   Star Global provides support throughout the process of raising a concern and will not tolerate any form of retaliation or victimization as a result of speaking up in accordance with this policy.

It is Star Global Policy to:

  • Investigate every genuine Disclosure of Improper Conduct promptly and thoroughly and take the appropriate action.
  • Protect the identity of the disclosing Whistle-blower when appropriate and protect him/her from reprisals or victimization for whistle blowing done in good faith.
  • Prohibit any Whistle-blower or other person from taking retaliatory or intimidating action against any Whistle-blower who, in good faith, provides information to an investigation.
  • Take the appropriate action against any Whistle-blower found to have engaged in Improper Conduct.

Accordingly, this Whistle-blower Policy exists to:

  • Assist in establishing a culture of disclosure to prevent Improper Conduct from occurring.
  • Make provision for procedures under which Whistle-blowers can safely, and free from fear of any Occupational Detriments, disclose Improper Conduct.
  • Endeavour to protect Whistle-blower against Occupational Detriment when Protected Disclosures have been made.
  • Provide support to the relevant Whistle-blower if a Protected Disclosure leads to any Occupational Detriment.


Our corporate culture is built on three pillars: achieving performance excellence by meritocracy, transparency in relationships and continually striving for higher productivity.


We operate with integrity to achieve our strategic goals ensuring that we sail in line with our values, code of ethics and the risk policies that we set. While each member of the team leads a specific role in the business, they also work collectively to help us achieve our vision and purpose.