Governance Structure

Leadership by example.

Effective governance is a foundation of our performance and success as a company.  Our obligations, expectations and intentions are collated in this section, and reinforced regularly at all levels of the company.

We have organised our business to reflect our values of integrity and accountability, helping us work better together while meeting the highest standards of governance.

The CEO provides leadership to the company and the board, and is responsible for its long-term success.

Our employees and contractors also play a key part in our governance, in line with our Code of Conduct and backed up by our core polices.

Leadership Team

Our leadership is leading the way to achieve our strategic goals ensuring that we sail in line with our values, code of ethics and the risk appetite that we set. While each member of the team leads a specific role in the business, they also work collectively to help us achieve our vision and purpose.

Re-imagining the Business of Commodities

We are driving innovation across our business and investing in new technologies to drive efficiencies, meet the ever-growing demand sustainably, and position Star Global as a key participant for the future.