Growth Path

Unparalleled opportunities.

A career with Star Global will provide an unparalleled opportunity to build experience and expertise across steel, projects and bulk commodity markets in every part of the world, while working with and learning from some of the best individuals and teams in the business.

Star Global prides itself in rewarding dedicated people with a can-do attitude, who are willing to take responsibility, and who have the drive to be leaders in their field. Taking responsibility means willing to learn. We aim to give every employee an opportunity to develop skills, expertise and gain experience to achieve career growth.

We expect a lot and in return, we recognize & reward exceptional work.

Our Unique Way of Being

Our in-house logistics teams are experts in consolidating material from multiple sources, arranging multiple packaging and ensuring that goods arrive on time, in excellent conditions at the desired destinations. These teams regularly manage production, processing, quality assurance, inspection, documentary requirements and customs clearance formalities.

Our Role in Projects

Star Global plays an immense role in bridging the gap between project end users and mills. With our established International network and thorough knowledge of techno-commercials, we can communicate effectively & quickly with our suppliers & buyers and monitor project orders closely through to delivery readiness and shipment for our customers.