The Star Global Way

Driven by a promise of radical commitment - delivering commitment at whatever cost.

The Star Global Way

We are driven by our promise of radical commitment – delivering what is committed under any circumstance.   We turn innovative thinking into solutions to provide our clients peace of mind knowing that their orders are delivered with guaranteed quality, on time and with the right financing.   Our innovation spans across our organization with a focus on solving our clients’ unmet needs.  We focus on our expertise and use our years of experience to deliver our promise and we take pride in our results.

Re-Inventing Star Global

Star Global has always been adapting in an ever-changing world.  Our proud history began ten years ago and since then there have been moments of transformative change that have propelled us forward.

Impact to Transform

Star Global seeks to address the question of whether it is possible both to do good and to do well, and to show that these two goals can be done at the same time.  We intend to contribute to positive social and environmental change and to manage this impact in line with our goals and strategies.


Star Global had put in sound systems & processes in place to ensure that our management and employees are aware of and take steps to comply with relevant laws, policies and regulations.

Re-Imagining the Business of Commodities

Guided by our purpose, Star Global is transforming our business model.  We are building on our expertise and combined experience of almost 50 years in the commodity trading industry and moving beyond the traditional sourcing, transport and delivery of commodity trading products.