Impact to Transform

Bringing transformational change in the commodity trading.

Star Global seeks to address the question of whether it is possible both to do good and to do well, and to show that these two goals can be done at the same time.  We intend to contribute to positive social and environmental change and to manage this impact in line with our goals and strategies.

Our goal is, to bring the transformational change that is required in the way we produce, consume and conduct business to shape a better world for tomorrow.

We endeavour to make informed decisions around the impact created by our business, and then to manage this impact actively towards the achievement of our social and environmental goals, while also taking care of our financial responsibilities to all our stakeholders.

Our Unique Way of Being

It is by combining our expertise and service innovatively and effectively, that we at Star Global can offer our customers a bespoke solution, whatever the sector, or project, wherever in the world.

Re-imagining the Business of Commodities

Guided by our purpose, Star Global is transforming our business model. We are building on our expertise and combined experience of almost 50 years in the commodity trading industry and moving beyond the traditional sourcing, transport and delivery of commodity trading products.